Play Fantasy Lotto Facebook! Fantasy Lotto Game

How It Works

The aim of Fantasy Lotto is to pick six numbers between 1 and 45 and try to match the six numbers that are drawn out from the Fantasy Lottery draw. Prizes (Fantasy Coins) are won by correctly matching three or more numbers. If you successfully match all six drawn numbers, youíll win the jackpot.

As in real lottery games, if the jackpot isnít won, it rolls over to the next draw, getting bigger each time it rolls.

Draws take place every five minutes.

What can you win?

Because a draw taking place every five minutes you stand a great chance of winning a prize.

Match 6 50% of the prize pool + any coins rolled over from previous draw
Match 5 33% of the prize pool
Match 4 3% of the prize pool
Match 3 14% of the prize pool

If the Jackpot isn't won then it will rollover to the next draw. There is no limit to the Jackpot so if it keeps rolling you could be fantasy heaven!

If you win a prize in any one of the draws that you have entered, you’ll receive a message to share the good news.

My Cards

You can view all your active cards by clicking on the MY CARDS button on the home page of Fantasy Lotto.

Fantasy Coins

Each player will receive 25 Fantasy Coins when they first go to use the app and then players can also earn an extra five Fantasy Coins by playing a minimum of one lottery draw a day.

For example - If a player uses all 25 of their Fantasy Coins on the first day of playing, they will receive another five coins the following day. There’s no limit to how many extra coins somebody can receive just as long as a player plays a minimum of one draw a day, they will receive the extra five coins.

Invite a Friend

Invite your Friends to Fantasy Lotto!Fantasy Lotto allows you to invite your friends along to play. Simply click on the Invite Your Friends button at the foot of the home screen of the Fantasy Lotto app and you’ll be able to invite any of your friends from within your Facebook friends list. Can you be a Fantasy Millionaire before your mates?

Become a Fan

If you enjoy playing the Fantasy Lotto app then why not visit the Fantasy Lotto fan page on Facebook. Once you’ve liked the Fantasy Lotto Facebook fan page, you’ll be able to join in with all the fun. The Facebook page will let you know all the latest news from all the lotteries around the world plus allow you to chat to fellow Fantasy Lotto players.